Wednesday, February 28, 2018



A Seven Sunday is a story of realistic family circumstances. It’s so realistic! Family is the best companion of humanities it has the best relationship forms with love. Love’s makes us the best wireless and instant communication between individuals. The love of every member of the family is a love that can’t never been broken with any bad circumstances. Family is full of love. Although there’s some misunderstanding, unlike and dislike, lying between individuals, and other relevant events, our love was making a scene to resolve everything that could be. I know that not all members of every family are the same with those situations. But you know how if we’re making sense with love, allow the power of love to ruins with our home, to our family and others. Do we have the best relationship? We knew that doesn’t perfect with us even the relationship but we could keep it well and better like what we want. 

There are sometimes come to our life that we have a member(s) of family with specific disorder. It was the hardest things that would happen to our life especially when it occurred to our beloved parent. Although they are given the best things to their family or they have never provide everything because of their weaknesses, we do not have right as a children to question “why it was happened?”, “why we don’t have like the others”, “why you’re bias by treating us” or other displeasure because no parents can’t do their responsibilities. They make everything for the sake of their family. 


 Lying is not good that is the reality. This is second to the highlight of this story. Lies makes worse to everyone. Ika nga, Walang lihim na hindi mabubunyag. Even a simple lies could makes a big problem to our relationship. But everything no one can defeat the power of love. We have different weaknesses, problem, situations, standing, and inadequacies but we have the same strength – this is our family with the help of God. 

I just want to share you what are the things that I have learned.