Friday, October 05, 2018

Is it a sin for a Christian to eat Pork?

One of the things a Christian worries is about eating pork meat. What exactly is the truth? What exactly is to follow? Questions which are troubled your mind. Sometimes some other say, we have different beliefs. But do you also ask yourself if the thing you believe is right or wrong. No matter what our religion is, we still cannot remove the questions that cover the truth.

As said in the sacred book, in the book of Isaiah 65:4 those who eat pork meat will go to destruction. These messages from God through Isaiah for the nation of Israel were has a history of disobeying God.

Isaiah 65:1-8 King James Version (KJV)

"I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name. I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; A people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense upon altars of brick; Which remain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments, which eat swine's flesh, and broth of abominable things is in their vessels; Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day. Behold, it is written before me: I will not keep silence, but will recompense, even recompense into their bosom, Your iniquities, and the iniquities of your fathers together, saith the Lord, which have burned incense upon the mountains, and blasphemed me upon the hills: therefore will I measure their former work into their bosom. Thus saith the Lord, As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it: so will I do for my servants' sake, that I may not destroy them all."

These verses of Isaiah book came from the God for the Israelite cites multiple disobedience of Israel to the Law of God. In the book of Leviticus God spoke to Moses and Aaron “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘These are the creatures which you may eat from all the animals that are on the earth. Whatever divides a hoof, thus making split hoofs, and chews the cud, among the animals, that you may eat. Nevertheless, you are not to eat of these, among those which chew the cud, or among those which divide the hoof: the camel, for though it chews cud, it does not divide the hoof, it is unclean to you. Likewise, the shaphan, for though it chews cud, it does not divide the hoof, it is unclean to you; the rabbit also, for though it chews cud, it does not divide the hoof, it is unclean to you; and the pig, for though it divides the hoof, thus making a split hoof, it does not chew cud, it is unclean to you."

All dirty animals are not allowed to all Israelite to take their food as a nation of God. Until the Messiah who was born and taught the New Testament was formed for mankind. The New covenant was gave and followed by today world. The Old testaments are intended for the Israel even then its serves as a genesis of the world but we cannot say that we could ignore it. Every single word in the Bible is very important and meaningful because it came from Our Almighty God. In the New testaments Jesus Christ gives us new commandments where everything came from LOVE, “Just Love each other even our Enemies” which Ten Commandments are covered with it (Read Matthew 22:35-40). Jesus Christ born, death, and His return to the life everything was changed. The dietary laws of Old testaments were changed. God’s message to the Apostle Peter in his dream.

Acts 10:9-15 New International Version (NIV)

Peter’s Vision

"About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat. "
“Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.” The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

The Peter’s Vision was allowed us to eat animals because everything are clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Rom. 7:6 But now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.

Today, Christian believers are saved by the grace. Therefore all Christians can eat pork meat and all things God has made. It was cleaned by the God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Because were released from the Law.

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