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Sunday, August 05, 2018

What is PayMaya?

What is PayMaya?

A PayMaya is a mobile wallet which you can use to shop online, use for shopping, dine, pay bills, buy discounted load through app or messenger and receive money.

You can pay using PayMaya virtual card, physical card and QR code. There is no maintaining balance. This is safe mobile wallet and conveniently to use. I’m not paid to say this mobile wallet, I just wanna share my experiences while I used this app and I want to show you step by step on how to work it.

First thing you should do is to download Paymaya App in Google Play or App Store, then install it afterward. After you installed please click start and register, fill out an accurate information or data for your convenient experience because if you cannot give an accurate information or data it's your own risk. Used the valid cellphone number which serve as your account number. After clicking register wait for OTP (One Time Password) which you will be received through the number that you are provided after registering. Enter the OTP which are composed of six characters to the space provided in app, please do not screenshot and do not share this code to prevent accessing others to your account even to the PayMaya representative. Note that you can only use one cell phone number in one account. The PayMaya are only allowing opening one account for individual person or subscriber. You can also register to PayMaya using messenger but for me much better to use app than messenger.

Then while you are login proceed to the menu and click “My Cards” or “view card” fill out accurate data needed to activate your virtual card. You can also connect your physical card which you can buy to Paymaya website and also you can connect your MVP Reward card. On the menu below your account number, click the Upgrade button to fill up and request KYC for upgrading your account. Upload the picture of your valid ID. Wait for request number which are sent to your cellphone number provided. If your account will already be upgraded you can sent money now to your family and you can withdraw money to any ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

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